This service includes the installation of an Agency Arms Flat Faced Trigger paired with Apex Tactical Specialties Internals by our licensed gunsmiths. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST SEND IN THE COMPLETE FIREARM FOR A HAND-FITTED TRIGGER GROUP.****

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Please note any special requests will be reviewed and our team will contact you. If you selected a Cerakote Option, please note your cerakote color/pattern below.

For the Agency Arms M&P Fitted Trigger, we teamed up with Apex Tactical Specialties. We have paired the Agency Arms Flat Faced Trigger with Apex Tactical Specialties’ internals.


? Reduced trigger pre-travel and over travel to produce a feel similar to a single action fire control system
? Overall reduction in trigger travel is approximately 50%
? A smooth trigger pull all the way through to the break
? Reduced reset


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