Agency Arms Optic Cut Service for a Trijicon RMR footprint. This service includes a custom set of Dawson Precision sights

*Full list of models below

This is a service performed on a CUSTOMER supplied slide that does not come with a Top Loaded Chamber Indicator (LCI)

Select the M&P9 Slide that matches the slide you are supplying.

Select the location of your rear Iron Sight

Please note any special requests will be reviewed and our team will contact you. If you selected a Cerakote Option, please note your cerakote color/pattern below.


Dedicated Trijicon RMR/SRO cut for M&P?ÿslides. Due to the size of the SRO, a rear iron sight cannot be installed in front of the optic. This service includes the dedicated optic cut, the option to relocate your rear iron sight dovetail, slide refinishing, a new set of sights (see below) and also includes a billet aluminum cover plate.

PLEASE NOTE: Agency Arms recuts the rear iron sight dovetail. For standard rear sight configurations we recut the rear dovetail with a Glock? style dovetail. For iron sight forward configurations we cut the rear dovetail with an M&P CORE dovetail. This is a service performed on a CUSTOMER SUPPLIED slide.





  • Currentlyÿthe RMR cut is available forÿthe full sizeÿand compact Frame M&P’s?ÿ1.0 and 2.0 models.
  • Must supply a slide without a Top Loaded Chamber Indicator (LCI)
  • Not available for the M&P SHIELD?
  • This package includes a custom set of Dawson Precision sights in standard or suppressor height. Fiber optic front and black rear.
  • Includes a Battle Plate (Cover Plate) for the Optic Pocket when not in use.

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